Thursday, August 5, 2010

Days 7, 8, 9 & 10

Ooops, haven't blogged in a bit. So the fast that was supposed to be on Sunday didn’t work out exactly as planned. We hosted an impromptu bbq and several shots of rum somehow ended up in the cranberry juice that I was using for the fast. I ended up doing the fast on Monday, but I probably wrecked the whole detox thing by drinking the rum. Oh well. I gained back a couple of pounds but that last 2 days have been back on and have evened out to 8# loss so far. This is the last official day of the detox. Tomorrow I will be back to eating pretty much vegan (debating on the wild caught fish…???) and counting calories, ughhhh.


1 Apple
1 cup Kefir with blueberries and cherries


¼ cup chick peas with Cajun Seasoning


2 piece salmon
1 medium squash
2 cups salad greens
*Plain-no dressing


2 hardboiled eggs

This has been the first week of Josh’s football conditioning. Means for late nights and late dinners. The boys don’t usually get home until 9:00. I try and eat whatever I am going to have right when I get home from work so I’m not eating so late. I have been walking everyday with my mom or a friend while they are at football just to get a little extra workout in.

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